Will Dickinson

Will Dickinson's practice follows two disciplines. On one hand he is a self-taught woodturner, combining wood and found material via traditional methods. To demonstrate the adoptive nature of wood and making us aware of how it integrates itself into our homes and environments. And on the other he explores a conceptually driven practice, attempting to expose a material's own identity through the alteration of function, form, purpose and origin. Both practices share a common aim, which is to understand ways in which we share relationships with material.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

May 17th -27th I have been invited as a Guest Artist to exhibit at the 26th Annual Summer Exhibition of Pilgrims Way Artists in the beautiful Tythe Barn In Lenham ME17 Opening 10am -5pm daily .Closes at 4pm on Monday 27th May.

June 1st -30th I am taking part in South East Open Studios ,based at Sandhurst Farm Forge.  We are Open Every day except Mondays & Tuesdays,  from 10am -4pm  ,Wednesdays are  late opening nights -8pm.

August 13th -20th  An Exhibition at Chartham Vineyard  as a member of  Ashford Visual Artists   "A Taste of Art In the Barn" 

August 30th -Sept 1st An Exhibition  with  Ashford Visual Artists  at Charing Art Festival .Charing Barn, Charing TN27 0LP