Charlie Dickinson

The term ‘Artist Blacksmith’ has been used widely in recent years to describe people who set up in practice from a variety of backgrounds which include Welding, Design, Fine Art and Sculpture, Engineering and many others.

Having trained in the traditional manner as an apprentice, my working life has always been to make and repair objects that have a function. After mainly working to commission, I now find myself having the opportunity, as an Artist Blacksmith, to enjoy the challenge of making objects purely for their aesthetic appearance. Not only using alternative metals, but experimenting, and presenting a mixed media approach, currently incorporating stone.

At the Forge we have a small gallery of current work available for sale - hand forged pieces, experimental pieces - traditional pieces with a twist! - some larger, some smaller. There may be a series? - but not a “mass produced” piece in sight!

If you would like to purchase any of the pieces below, please contact us. Please note that prices shown do not include delivery.