Green Tourism

Green Tourism and our Environment

Sandhurst Farm Forge is situated on the edge of two village communities, Newnham and Doddington. It is only six miles from our local Medieval Market Town of Faversham - a Fair Trade town.

As a family we have always re-cycled, re-used, and made things last. We have an inbuilt dislike of throwing things away that are still useful and still work. It saves us money and it minimises environmental damage.

Within our business we try and practice as many healthy environmental principles as possible. We carefully consider what we buy, the amount of energy we use and of course, we try to minimise our waste.

Low energy light bulbs are used wherever feasible. Outside lights work on a sensor, with a time control to keep electricity usage to a minimum. Thermostatic radiator valves are used throughout the annexe. With a more efficient boiler now fitted we hope to use less oil. Loft Insulation is in place and the annexe is painted throughout with environmentally friendly paints.

The en-suite facilities have showers and we regularly check to ensure that taps do not drip. We have a ‘towel agreement’ where we ask guests to put towels that they don't need to use to one side. We also have water barrels placed at various points around the garden, and there is a large underground clear water reservoir which collects rainwater from gutters which makes sure that our plants never go thirsty.

Chlorine free cleaning products are used throughout the business as well as recycled kitchen and toilet roll paper.

Quite a lot has changed for the better over the last few years. The Borough Council now picks up most re-cycling , glass, plastics, tins, paper etc. We compost our own kitchen waste - if the chickens have not got to it first! The manure heap is regularly disposed of to local gardeners as well as helping us to produce the most amazing raspberries for our breakfast jam!